Elina Rosenblum – Mosaic Artist in NY/NJ

Mosaic Workshops, Parties, Team-building & Community events

Mosaic and stained glass installations to tranform and elevate private, commercial, and public spaces
Each project is unique and completely customized, meticulously handmade with great care

Custom mosaic / Stained glass art

I design and create bespoke artworks to elevate residential, commercial, or public spaces:

Every project is completely customized to client preferences / location specifics, and executed with high quality, professionalism, and passion. 

There are no limits and I offer you various options to choose from. 

Reach out for a free consultation:   BlumArts.info@gmail.com


This ancient art form, which appeared some 5,000 years ago, is now making a huge comeback.  Mosaics feature an incredibly rich 3-D texture and offer a great variety of materials and processes to create installations both interior and exterior (weather-proof).

Mosaics are a great investment when done professionally, they last for decades and need no maintenance.

Some of my mosaics:

Stained Glass

People have admired stained glass windows since ancient RomeLight passing through beautiful colored glass casts a magical and elegant ambience.

Some of my stained glass projects:


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